Little Angels Rescue of Arcadia, Florida
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Welcome to Little Angels Rescue of Arcadi, Florida!
What Is It We Do?

Little Angels Rescue is a private, no-kill, 501c3 non-profit, small breed, dog rescue organization based in Arcadia, Florida. We specialize in finding homes for both purebred and mixed breed dogs. All of our "little angels" are treated as family until we locate the perfect adoptive home.

Most of our dogs are showcased on our online shelter through More often then not, depending on our adoption volume, some dogs, like those undergoing medical treatment, may not shown on our listing. So be sure to let us know what sort of dog you really are searcing for, as we might have dogs who not showcased for various reasons.

By filling out an online application, we can help you located the right dog for you. Please ask us about a certain breeds if you do not see what you are searching for, as we may be able to help you find a companion.

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Things You Can Do?
If you can't adopt a "Little Angel" right now, sponsor or foster a dog in need.
Help Little Angels with coordinating events such as "adopt-a-thons."
We need good folks who can provide transport when needed. Volunteer Now!
Upcoming Events

Join Us -- Adopt a dog!

NEW! - NEW! - NEW!

Adopt - A - Thon

Location: Petsmart
City: Sarasota
Date: Saturday, June 18th
Time: 10am - 2pm

Purchase products from PetCo using the button above, and a portion of the sale will benefit Little Angels Rescue!
Adopt your own little Devil!
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Now would be a great time to adopt a Little Devil of your own! Take a look at our wonderful little dogs. Come on board...

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