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Adoption Application
Your Contact Information
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Household Information
Dog(s) you are interested in: Required
Why this breed of dog? Required
Do you have a preference for sex, color or age?  If so, what is it? Please note that this information is used as a guide only. There is no guarantee we can find you a dog of your exact preference.
Do you wish to be placed on a waiting list for a particular breed of dog? YES NO No Response
Have you ever owned a rescued animal? YES NO No Response
If yes, please explain.
Do you presently own any pets? YES NO No Response
If YES, please list the name and kind for each pet. (example: Buster-dog; Molly-cat; Skip-parrot)
Have you owned pets in the past? YES NO No Response
If YES, what kind and what happened to them?
If you own dog(s) are they all spayed/neutered? YES NO No Response
If NO, why not?
Where do you live?
Do you own or rent your home? Own Rent No Response
If you RENT, do you have permission from your landlord to keep a dog? YES NO No Response
Does your home have a yard with a fence? YES NO No Response
If yes, type of fence and height?
If no, how will the dog get exercise and relieve itself?
Do you have a crate to keep a dog in? YES NO No Response
Do you work outside the home? YES NO No Response
How many hours will the dog be alone during the day?
Will the dog be left alone at night? YES NO No Response
Where will you keep the dog while you are at work or out on errands?
Where will you keep the dog while on vacation?
How many adults presently in the house?
Number of men?
Number of women?
Age range of applicant?
Are there children presently living in the house? YES NO No Response
If yes, what are their ages?
Please provide us with a veterinary reference (including phone number):
Please provide us with a personal reference, not related to you (including phone number):

Dogs placed through Little Angels are generally done so on the basis of proximity of the dog to the adoptive home; however, we may transport dogs interstate.

Please tell us if you are willing to:

Pay airfare costs to transport a dog interstate to you. (approx. $120-170 US. NOT available during summer months)

YES NO No Response
Drive interstate to pick up a dog. YES NO No Response
If YES, what states will you drive to?
Cost of Ownership
Do you understand all of the expenses involved with caring for a dog, especially as it ages?  Including but not limited to ordinary and emergency veterinary expenses, heartworm preventative, grooming, etc.
YES NO No Response

Have you applied with another rescue organization in your search for your new family member?  It helps us to realize this when trying to coordinate our volunteer efforts.

Do you agree to a Little Angels Rescue representative visiting your home to inspect prior to and after adoption? YES No Response
Are you willing to enroll the dog in obedience class? YES NO No Response
Do you understand that the dog should never be allowed off lead in open places? YES NO No Response
Adoptive homes must forward all paperwork to Little Angels Rescue within five business days of completion.  Are you able to comply with this requirement? YES NO No Response
Do you understand that there are no guarantees about the behaviors, temperment or health of a dog that is adopted and that the adjustment period varies for each dog? YES NO No Response

All "Little Angels" are spayed/neutered, vet checked, up to date with shots and evaluated before they are placed.  These expenses can vary for each adoptable; however, donations begin at $150. 
Do you understand the need for these donations and the fact that all donations are NON-REFUNDABLE? YES NO No Response
All applicants are subject to a home visit.
Little Angels Rescue reserves the right to refuse any reject any application.

It may take several days for an application to be reviewed, depending on the volume received.  Please be patient. You will be contacted  as soon as possible.