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Monthly Grooming Tips

Pick a specific day of each month to give your pets their heartworm medication and flea and tick prevention. For instance, the 20th of each month.

If you are not using the services of a dog groomer on a regular basis, please consider the following :

First inspect your dogs ears, best under excellent light, and, maybe even with a flashlight. Use a clean Q-tip to gently swab the outer ear area. It is best not to shove a Q-tip into the ear canal. If debris is present, try not to push it down furhter into the ear canal. If in doubt, contact your local vet.

If you detect a reddish brown substance you will want to contact your vet. Your dog may have ear mites, a bacterial or yeast infection. In some instances your dog's ear(s) might be festering with all three. A quick look under the vet's microscope will help determine the nature of the problem.

If you notice your dog shaking its head or scratching often, you may want to contact your vet to set up an examine. Ear infections if left untreated can lead to deafness and other health problems.


Next check your dog's nail and paws. Do the nails need to be trimmed? Long nails can catch on fabrics and split as a result. Some dogs have a tendency to constantly lick their paws. Be sure to monitor the results of this behavior.


Many little dog breeds need to have their anal glands expressed manually. Most groomers will do this as part of the grooming ritual. A few dogs require their anal glands to be expressed from the inside. This can be due to excess weight or because the duct is twisted. One sign which indicts that something is wrong their tails drops and they walk in a stiff manner. Your vet can teach you how to do the procedure if you have interest. All you need is disposable latex gloves.


Check the teeth and gums once a month for plaque build up, swollen or red gums, and excessive bad breath. Many small breeds require dental cleanings more than once in their lifetime. For more on dental care, visit the Petfinder Library.



If you have questions about how a specific breed might work in your home? Just ask Little Angels Rescue for advice. We are dedicated to finding the right small dog for you. Some of our small dogs may not be listed immediately on our website for various reason. Also, be sure to check the site often for new listings.

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