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Little Angels Rescue holds several small dog adopt-athons throughout the year. These events are made possible because of dedicated volunteers and sponsors.

We also want to thank all those individuals and families that opened their hearts, evidenced by their adopting dogs in need.

Sherri's Mom at Knick Knack Shack adopthon in Sarasota. Kim kindly donated space both inside and outside her great little shop. Little Angels had a most successful adoptathon here.
Thanks again Kim and Sandi!

Little Angels Needs Volunteers!

Visiting Friends with their former Little Angel!

Little Angel Adopt-athons give the owners of adopted Little Angels a chance to drop and show off their beloved doggie companions. Little Angels always welcomes a visit from former Little Angles. Please keep us posted on how everyone is doing.

If you would like to volunteer at any of our special events or sponsor an event, please contact Diane Bolvin. Volunteers are always needed. We are always looking for dedicated individuals to help with events, dog transport and fostering.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out our Sponsor Form or contact Diane for more information. The more help we receive from you, the more small dogs we can assist.

Little Angels Rescue is always looking for creative fundraising ideas and people to help. Often sponsors and friends of Little Angels Rescue will donate specialty items for fundraising events.

Showcased is a little Princess on her special bed. The bed was donated to Little angels and purchased by a supportive friend, Sunni. Thank you!

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Overweight dogs, especially seniors, need to maintain a healthy weight to prevent joints problems, diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Talk to your vet about how you can help your dog lose weight. Visit online library for great pet-related information!!

Collect Purina Weight Circles for Little Angels Rescue!Collect Purina Weight Circles for Little Angels Rescue!

Now you can help Little Angels while you buy dog food for your dog.
Simply cut out the weight circles from your bags of Purina dog food and send them to Little Angels Rescue.Contact Diane for more information.

Mail your weight circles to:

Little Angels Rescue
Attention: Diane Bolvin
3288 SE Hansel Avenue
Arcadia, FL 34266