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Foster Application
Your Personal Contact Information
Name: required
City: required
Zip Code:
Home Phone: required
Work Phone:
Email 1: required
Alternate Email:
Your Household Information
How many adults presently in the house?
Number of men?
Number of women?
Age range of applicant?
Are there children presently living in the house? YES NO
If yes, what are their ages?
Do you currently have pets? YES NO
If yes, please list all pets living in the household. Include name, breed, age, sex and spay/neuter status.
Have you owned pets in the past? YES NO
If yes, what kind and what happened to them?
Your References
Please provide us with a veterinary reference (including phone number):
Understanding Your Fostering Preferences
Besides being a foster, are there other types of volunteer work are you interested in? Computer
Home Inspections
Special Events
Fund Raising
Dog Assignment/Applicant Reviews
If home visits or transports, how far are you willing to travel?
Please list any Rescue or Shelter experience you have, including type of work performed, name, address, phone number and email address of facility, name of supervisor.
If you have no Rescue or Shelter experience, why do you feel compelled to do this type of volunteer work?
How much time can you volunteer each week?
Dog or breed you are interested in fostering:
Why this breed or particular dog?
The Nuts & Bolts of Fostering
Where do you live?
Do you own or rent your home? Own Rent
If you RENT, do you have permission from your landlord to keep a dog? YES NO
Does your home have a yard with a fence? YES NO
If yes, type of fence and height?
If no, how will the dog get exercise and relieve itself?
Do you have a crate to keep a dog in? YES NO
Do you work outside the home? YES NO
How many hours will the dog be alone during the day?
Will the dog be left alone at night? YES NO
Where will you keep the dog while you are at work or out on errands?
Where will you keep the dog while on vacation?
How do your pets react to other animals?
How would you handle behavior problems with your foster dog? Please be aware that your foster dog could display undesirable behaviors while in your care. What would you do?
What would you do if your foster dog started a fight with or bit your dog?
What would you do if your foster dog bit you or a member of your family?
Would you be willing to foster dogs with special needs such as senior dogs, puppies, disabled dogs, behavior problems, dogs on medications? YES NO
Are you willing to work with your foster dog on housebreaking, leash training and basic commands? YES NO
How many dogs would you be able to foster at one time?
How far would you be willing to drive to get your foster dog to it's new home?
Please Read & Consider the Following Carefully:
Do you agree to return your foster dog to Little Angels Rescue if you are requested to do so and understand that all placements MUST be done and APPROVED through Little Angels Rescue? YES NO
Do you agree to a Little Angels Rescue representative visiting your home? YES NO
Do you agree to sign a Foster Contract and abide by all conditions outlined within the contract? YES NO
Your additional comments:
All applicants are subject to a home visit and reference check.
We reserve the right to refuse or reject any application.
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