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Foster Care

According to the Humane Society of United States Pet Overpopulation Estimates, 3.4 MILLION cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters each year. Read more...

Why do we do this?

Little Angels Rescue is committed to decreasing the number of pet deaths each year. We are an all volunteer organization which is composed of dedicated individuals making a difference by saving pet lives.

How can we save more lives?

We can save more pet lives by increasing the number of people willing to get involved. We need dedicate individuals who can open their hearts and their homes to rescued Little Angels, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Foster homes are especially needed in DeSoto, Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota counties.

If you are interested in fostering a Little Angel rescue, please complete the Foster Application.

What's expected of a foster?

  • Complete an application
  • Agree to a home visit, vet reference check
  • Read & sign a Foster Agreement
  • Open your heart & home
  • Treat your foster dog as if it were your own
  • Work with other volunteers to ensure your foster dog is placed in the best forever home
  • Sleep better knowing that you made a difference
What does a foster get for their effort?
  • Self respect
  • Unquestioning love of a dog
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Inner glow from making a BIG difference
  • Happiness of watching a dog in need blossom under your care
  • Joy of helping a dog find the perfect forever home
Who pays to take care of the dog?
  • Through donations, Little Angels Rescue pays for medical care and treatment
  • Fosters provide food, water, shelter
  • Fosters provide love, hugs, safety
  • Volunteers provide transportation to get angels into foster homes
Isn't it hard to let them go?
  • Yes, chances are you will fall in love with your foster dog
  • No, Little Angels Rescue is very careful to make sure we find the right home for our dogs. Knowing the person or family that adopts your foster dog is RIGHT, makes it easier to let them go
Do I get to decide who can adopt my foster dog?
  • Your input is very important to the decision making process. However, the board of directors at Little Angels Rescue is responsible for reviewing all applications, completed home visit reports and then making the final decision on which applicant is approved to adopt.
  • Communicating with the board and the volunteer assigned to screen applicants for your foster is very important. We depend on our fosters to let us know the needs of the dog. This information will help us to find the right home for your foster.


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