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Volunteer Application
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If yes, please list all pets living in the household. Include name, breed, age, sex and spay/neuter status.
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If yes, what kind and what happened to them?
Please provide us with a veterinary reference (including phone number):
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What type of volunteer work are you interested in? Computer
Home Inspections
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Dog Assignment/Applicant Reviews
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Please list any Rescue or Shelter experience you have, including type of work performed, name, address, phone number and email address of faxperience rows=3 cols=30>Experience:
If you have no Rescue or Shelter experience, why do you feel compelled to do this type of volunteer work?
How much time can you volunteer each week?
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Thank you for your application.
All applicants are subject to a home visit and reference check.
We reserve the right to refuse or reject any application.
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