Little angels rescue is a Non-Profit state registered organization raising funds to establish the building blocks and to pay for a child rescue system and team dedicated to help rescue a child who is in a bad living situation, including abusive situations.

Little Angels Rescue can facilitate services whether that would be legal, psychological, forensic, and temporary housing.

To volunteer to help / sponsor a child through your professional services, please contact us. This could mean sponsoring a child’s case in full or you may volunteer a set amount of time or agree to work at a discounted rate.


Current services available (contact us for more information):

  • advocacy and education regarding domestic family violence & sexual violence,
  • emergency shelters,
  • free legal services,
  • free child counseling therapy
  • free family counseling therapy
  • free court accompaniment advocate,
  • free hospital accompaniment advocate,
  • free immigration services for immigrants and refugees,
  • resources for free food, education, housing, daycare costs, and more

Information And Support

These are basic services that we offer at the moment. Depending on income levels a lot of these services will be free. Other services we try to find professionals that can do some pro-bono work or work at discounted rate at a case by case scenario. We are always looking for professionals in the field that can be part of our "Little Angels Rescue Team." As we source funding from donations a lot of these services will be paid for 100% through charitable donations.

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    Epilepsy in Children

    Epilepsy is treatable. Potentially curable if acted on immediately at an early age. It is a progressive disease that attacks the central nervious system in the brain creating a shock wave which can be measure as electrical pulses or discharges which are not synched with the regular wave pattern of the brain. Treatment usually requires medication along with small changes in lifestyle. It may be difficult for some to tell if a child is having a seizure or not as some seizures can appear as momentary pauses or silences or staring as brief as 3 seconds but can be as long as several minutes. We are happy to supply to you additional infomational materials regarding epilepsy and if needed, provide to you resources available in your area for free medical care.

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